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Building a Strong Foundation

Session 1

Improving the Person in the Mirror (Self-Improvement)

What thoughts come to mind when you think about self-improvement?  Does it include increasing your study time to improve your grades, reading to expand your mind or spending less time on social media?  These are all great, but there are even better ways, such as instilling some compassion and commitment into your life.

Take a look at a martial arts school or dojo.  After years of training, you reach a point where you can now effectively instruct others and it is your responsibility to do so.  Your initial thought is that your own training may suffer during this transition, but you realize your technique actually improves.  By helping others, you reinforce your technique to become more solid and consistent.

Consider the mighty elephant.  They trample forests and grasslands to create watering holes so smaller species can coexist. They also push over trees when necessary to preserve ecosystems.  Sometimes you need to tear yourself down a little and rebuild and help others. The elephants know how to do this.


  • When you seek to help others, your self-improvement increases.
  • Make rebuilding yourself a daily habit.

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