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A Tribute To Daniel The Beagle Dwyer

and ways to keep his memory alive
“You’re something between a dream and a miracle”
― Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Daniel the Miracle Beagle

Daniel The Beagle survived the gas chamber in 2011 and became an international hero. For almost 10 years he saved countless numbers of lives of animals and people.

When Daniel survived this horrible experience, 28 states still used the gas chamber to kill companion animals. On the day of his passing, June 29, 2021, only 4 states remained.

Daniel passed away on June 29, 2021 after a sudden but serious illness. After thinking about the positive impact he had on the world, I promised him that his memory would live on to help many more animals and people.

Please take a few minutes and enjoy these videos of Daniel

Daniel - Hero Dog

A Conversation With Daniel

Daniel's Memorial

Daniel's Memory Will Be Kept Alive By,

Keynotes to highlight his story that focus on hope, love, and courage

Daniel represents unwavering faith. Miracles are born of faith. Those committed to belief are rewarded. As Joe said Daniel fought all his life for animal rights…ALM…Animal lives matter. However, in the end his faith brought him NOT to fight the will of his Creator…Daniel was called, and in the same dignified way in which he lived, he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Joe, Geralynn and Jenna are amazing individuals of great faith–thus they were rewarded with Daniel’s love! Rest in peace sweet Miracle Beagle…it’s not goodbye but until we meet again! Thank you..and thank you Joe for the empowerment!

A “Knock Out Toxins” presentation for youth

The last two times Daniel and Shelby came to Belleville HS. The kids’ reaction to Daniel was amazing. This one student in particular who never smiles and was always cranky- when he got to see Daniel at the end of the presentation it was like he was a different kid. Same with the after-school program at BHS- these are kids with rough backgrounds and when they met Daniel, they were like puddy in his paws. Daniel will be missed beyond words, but his legacy will live on.

Taking on the last few states that still use the gas chamber

Four states, Ohio, Wyoming, Missouri and Utah, are known to still actively use gas chambers in animal shelters.

Assisting rescues that do amazing work every day for animals and people

Visit Daniel's Dream to learn more

Please contact me, Daniel’s Dad, to talk about how we can help you

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