My Story

A Little About Me

Joe is a certified motivational speaker with The John Maxwell Team and business coach with over 30 years of business experience ranging from sales, labor relations, and product management including 10 years as a COO.  After 4 years of study, Joe was ordained a Deacon in the Roman Catholic church and found preaching the Word of God to the congregants very motivating and uplifting.  He is also an ordained Animal Chaplain and is certified as a Pet Loss companion and dog trainer.

He draws upon his 35 years of martial arts training to add to his strong spiritual foundation and connects with people of different ages and interests.  Joe has delivered numerous inspirational presentations focused mostly on what we can learn from animals and creating a kinder and more compassionate world.

Joe is the author of three books, “Shelby’s Grace”, “Daniel, The Miracle Beagle”, “The Dog Ate My Homework, or Did He” and is currently working on a fourth book as well as updating the above-mentioned books.

Joe is passionate about promoting a cruelty free lifestyle and becoming spiritually centered.  He lives in New Jersey with his wife, Geralynn, and Bella (a rescued greyhound).  He will always be a proud Dad to Daniel, the Miracle Beagle and Shelby, as well as the many other rescues that were part of his family and his life.

Our Story

My Story Is Our Story

Working with animals has changed my life in so many ways. Drawing from the lessons I've learned from them I am excited to share my story with you and your audience. I don't want this to be my story, rather 'Our Story'.

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