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Keynote descriptions

Mind 4 Compassion
Take a journey with me and my friend, C.A.D.E. to explore ways to live a
more compassionate life.
You will:

  • Discover the power of your connections
  • Enjoy the concept of Always Learning
  • Witness the value of your daily choices
  • Dive into a deeper pool of effort every day

And so much more

The 4 C’s to a stronger, more peaceful heart
All of our hearts are vulnerable to being impacted with things that take away our health and
happiness. Fortunately, I have some answers.

  • Be inspired to live the 4 C’s every day, seeing the benefits in your life and others as well.
  • Learn how animals that we share the planet with can be awesome teachers
  • Feel empowered to motivate others to take this life changing journey

And more….

Take your strong heart into the world!
Engage in an approach that will compliment what you are currently doing to motivate others to
live a cruelty free life

Be energized to:

  • Be a positive influence for others to follow
  • Create an effective communication style
  • Push to never give up on this mission that you love so much

And so much more

Contact Me

This will be my focus going forward, so I respectfully ask for any donation you wish to provide. More than half of what I collect goes to animal welfare causes.


Thank you in advance for your commitment to join me on this journey towards lasting happiness and peace for all creation.