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A Conversation with Daniel


Abandoned and deemed unadoptable after a brief stay at an over-crowded animal shelter, a young beagle was euthanized, locked into a gas chamber along with 17 other dogs. But when the poison cleared and the door was re-opened, the tail-wagging beagle emerged still very much alive. The other dogs were dead.

That was only the beginning. What happened next is the other side of the story of Daniel the Miracle Beagle—the part that helped change the world even just a little bit.

Once in his “forever” home, Daniel quickly becomes part of a family. He meets what is to become his big “step-sister,” Shelby, a battered Pitbull the victim of prejudicial breed stereotyping. And though both pups come with terrible experiences of abuse and suffering, they somehow turn a corner. That’s due in part to their “Dad”, Joe.

With love and care, Daniel learns forgiveness. With Joe’s guidance, Daniel becomes a “spokesdog” for animal rights and especially to ban the use of gas chambers.

Together, Daniel and Joe attend rallies, visit schools and promote adoptions, the main component in eliminating gas chamber euthanasia.

Then comes the big time! TV/Media exposure and an appearance on Anderson Cooper provide Daniel with a mega-platform to be heard around the world.

And today, the Miracle Beagle’s mission continues.

God, Shelby, and Me


This is the extraordinary story of a Pitbull, a man, and God. Shelby is the Pitbull, the narrator of the book, too often misjudged, very forgiving, compassionate, and destined to be a therapy dog. Joe is the man, the author of the book, a guy with obstacles to confront and a passion to save all four-pawed creatures.

Shelby first encounters Joe when she’s not even born yet; she’s still in the heavens above. She follows the author as an often bullied boy, through his tempestuous growing years. She yearns to meet Joe, and God answers her prayer. However, the pup must learn and accept the ways of earthly life with its intermingling of good and evil. “My child, I give My creatures free will,” God frequently repeats to explain sadness pain, and suffering at the hands of others.

And so Shelby and Joe embark on a journey of discovery and healing. Together they inspire children, teens, and adults suffering physical, psychological, and spiritual maladies from persecution and prejudice to life-threatening illness. Fueled by their faith, the two companions turn their travels into an empowering mission of love.

Shelby’s Grace

From Abused Pup to Angel of Mercy

The Pit Bull With the Heart of Gold Joe Dwyer was a man facing challenges that seemed insurmountable. Battling depression and anxiety, he was broken and in need of serious help. Shelby was a young pit bull facing death. Damaged and abused, she trusted no one. She was confined to a shelter and in need of major surgery to repair her hind legs.    When man and dog first met it wasn’t love at first sight-at least not for the dog. But in time-and with a little magical help-the two grew to trust one another. When Joe finally brought Shelby home to join his family, he discovered something remarkable: She had an uncanny gift. Shelby was able to sympathize with and bring solace to individuals in need, including hospital patients, the elderly, the lonely and the bereaved. It was nothing short of amazing. But not everyone embraced this discovery. Facing stiff resistance, Joe fought to gain acceptance for Shelby as a therapy dog and they have enriched each other’s lives and the lives of countless others who were in need of rescuing. “Sparkling with joy. Shelby saves Joe as much as he saves her, and together they recover their senses of purpose. Children and adults will love this story.” Mary B. Lucas, author of Lunchmeat & Life Lessons “Most people think of pit bulls as monsters, but Joe shows how they are reflections of the people who raise them. A gorgeous story of friendship, trust and spiritual awakening.” Tom Acierno, author of A Whisper in God’s Ear “The way Joe accepted Shelby into his family and the way Shelby accepted them into her heart are reminders of what it means to love unconditionally.” Marie B. Leonarde, author of A Woman’s Worth: My Life, My Struggle About the Author  Joe Dwyer is a motivational speaker, a life coach and a member of the National Speakers Association. He is also a dog trainer and martial artist. Previously, he worked as a chemical engineer and as an executive for Verizon and the Archdiocese of Newark. Joe is a man of faith and spirituality, and he supports rescue groups and therapy dog training. He lives in Nutley, NJ, with his family and four dogs.

The Dog Ate My Homework

...or did he?

“The dog ate my homework…” There we go again-shifting the blame for our human gaffes and failures to our innocent canines. In his latest book, former Verizon Labor Relations Director and Sales Manager-and professional dog trainer- Joe Dwyer turns the classic canine excuse on its head with a fascinating exploration of accountability from the dog’s view: What if our dogs, the most accountable among us, can teach us humans a thing or two about accountability? Through the stories of Dwyer’s own four dogs-from therapy dog Shelby, who visits adult daycare facilities, to Spartacus, who attentively looks his owner in the eye when being reprimanded-The Dog Ate My Homework-or Did He? reveals seven powerful areas of accountability that are key to success in business and in life. Readers will discover how to

• unlock the power of accountability to advance one’s career
• leverage accountability to drive maximum performance
•forge deeper relationships and attain greater personal fulfillment

unlock the power of accountability to advance one’s career leverage accountability to drive maximum performance forge deeper relationships and attain greater personal fulfillment.

Authentic accountability is about making the leap from what we must do to the creative realm of what it is that we most hope to do-and, amazingly, it’s our canine friends who can show us the way.

“Through powerful storytelling and practical applications, Joe Dwyer helps create a road map foramoreaccountable-andmeaningful-life.
Dogloverswillappreciatehisabilitytorelate the basic experiences of our canine friends to our complex human emotions and behaviors. Seasoned executives will find inspiration in Joe’s approach and will take a renewed look at their own accountability in all aspects of their lives.”
CATHY ANN LEONARD, Senior Manager, Talent Development

“This book about accountability from a dog’s point of view is an incredible invitation for each of us to show up and make a difference. Every time he sees you, he’s glad to see you, and he’s accountable in every aspect of life. What a comparison to show us this simple, but powerful way of life that our canine friends live. Their presence and sense of responsibility are always there. What we can learn from dogs! I love it. “
JUANELL TEAGUE, Author of The Zig Ziglar Difference

“In an intriguing way, Joe Dwyer utilizes the basic attributes of man’s best friend to illustrate the fundamental concepts required to achieve authentic accountability in your personal, busi- ness and community life. The book offers a commonsense and thoughtful guide to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. An excellent read and well worth the time.”
JOHN W. HOWARD, General Manager Engineering, Verizon (retired)

A Conversation With Daniel


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