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Building a Strong Foundation

Session 3

Yes, I Can Draw a Bird in a Tree (Creativity)


I have a bad habit of saying that I am not very creative.  Unfortunately, the more I say it, the more likely it will be true.  This is not being committed or compassionate to yourself!

To help me with this, I took some time to observe crows. These huge black birds are very creative especially when it comes to getting into a garbage can or bag.  I tried to match wits with these crows for a while.  Thinking of ways to secure the top of the garbage can or tying up the bag tighter. The crow’s creativity won each time. Then I realized why. The crow is persistent and bold. He will stay there as long as it takes to find a solution and it didn’t matter what I did to scare him away, he would come back until success was attained.

I reflected on how I would bail out of a situation when I felt I couldn’t think of a creative solution to a problem or how easily someone could take me off my game.  The crow taught me otherwise.



  • You are creative as you want to be.
  • Persistence leads to discovery.

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