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Building a Strong Foundation

Session 4

Let’s Change What We Changed Yesterday? (Adapting)


As a COO, I had 10 departments reporting to me ranging from IT to Fundraising, Legal and others.  All the heads of the departments performed different functions and all had their own personalities. I had to learn to adapt when interacting with each of them.  To help them learn the same, I would partner department heads up to work in each other’s roles.

Adapting to different situations is important in so many ways. We need to be able to adapt and put ourselves in another’s shoes as best as we can in order to offer compassion.

Have you ever seen an owl adapt to his environment? They are simply amazing at blending in to the environment for their own safety and are also able to keep their wings silent during flight.

The ability to change in circumstances or adapt are one of the most common themes in life. However, like many other attributes, actions do not follow words with as much commitment as they should.

Let’s take some cues from the owl. He is very unassuming as he adapts to his environment.  He does not complain or challenge others. He simply considers what needs to be done and implements it.   Clearly, this is what we can learn from the owl on how to best adapt.

Consider a situation where you were faced with the need to change. How could you have handled it better now that the owl has inspired you?


  • Change happens every day, but adapting can as well.
  • Blend in when necessary.

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