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Building a Strong Foundation

Session 5

Loyal to a Fault (Loyalty)

In the Bruce Willis movie “Striking Distance”, his father tells him a line I will always cherish. “Loyalty above all else except honor”. How true this is and how I can relate.  Loyalty is so important and it runs parallel with commitment in relationships. However, it does take work. Yes, work!

Consider the thought process when we go to a buffet. I need to eat enough to get my money’s worth. I hear this often now that buffets are back open for business, but it is not a good way of thinking. It speaks a “too much about me” attitude!

Have you ever seen or heard how wolves act?

They mate for life and within their pack they remain loyal no matter what happens. They will act as guardians to orphaned babies.  What is most impressive is they only take food from the environment that they need. There is no waste. So, it is not likely they will be next to you at the buffet line!

This mindset helps with their ability to remain loyal, and it is also compassionate living, looking out for others.  Loyalty is in fact a mindset that incorporates how we lead our life in all aspects and how it affects others. Ultimately it requires a sacrifice at times for our own needs or pleasures.


  • When evaluated and confirmed, loyalty is most satisfying.
  • Loyalty may be a risk at times, but if you don’t try, you will never know.

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