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Building a Strong Foundation

Session 6

How Many Resources Do You Need   (Resourcefulness)

When I hear this word, my mind goes to what is the best tool to use for the task at hand.  For me, what I know about physical tools can be written on the back of a postage stamp!  My father was amazing at using a variety of tools, but he never taught me how to use them.  So, I guess I can fold up my tent on this one and say I have no chance to be resourceful.  Absolutely not!  That is an excuse and we are not to use excuses!

If we are truly committed to our own progress in life, we will learn on our own what we need to.  I have done exactly that, maybe not as much with physical tools, but by other means.

Through labor relations, I learned to understand others better and get a sense for what they are thinking.  You can do this as well.

Let’s look at how a Bison eats in the winter.  Bison do not eat meat, only plants.  In the winter, the plants are all snow covered.  Now what?  They use their large head to dig down and get the plants they need under the snow.

Being resourceful in the world is extremely important because things are not and never will be perfect.  Consider a talent you would like to have.  By being more resourceful, how can you become more proficient at this talent?

Bison – important in a world where everything is not perfect.


  • Have a mindset of learning something every day.
  • There is an amazing teacher within you.

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