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Building a Strong Foundation

Session 7

Earned Every Day  (Respect)

In the HBO series “The Sopranos”, the lead character, Tony, makes a powerful statement; “Those who want respect, give respect”.  I believe this is very true and I will add to this, “Do not wait to receive respect before giving respect”.  And, “Build your own respect every day with the most solid foundation possible.”

Let’s begin with this last statement as this is, in fact, that of utmost importance.

I have a dear friend who lives in Last Vegas.  His name is Deacon and he is a baby goat.

Deacon, like most goats, has an interesting habit of nibbling on you to get your attention.  They never bite, but they will nibble on your leg or shorts.  It works extremely well, as I responded to Deacon every time he nibbled and it built up my love and respect for him.

Do I want you nibbling on someone’s leg?  NO, but I do want you to nibble away every day at being more respected.  This can be accomplished by looking at your daily habits, and then using a lesson from my martial arts life.

In my martial arts style, we had a way to improve on techniques we needed to work on.  It went like this, take your worst technique and work on it until it becomes your best technique.  Then, take your worst technique and work on it until it becomes your best technique, then take your worst technique…..

I am sure you get the point.  To be truly committed to earning respect and then receiving respect, I strongly suggest we follow Deacon the goat and my martial arts training philosophy.

Consider the first habit you need to work on to receive more respect and start today!


  • Keep nibbling away at respecting yourself and others, every day counts.
  • Habits that include more respect are life changing for you and others.

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