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Building a Strong Foundation

Session 7

Own Up To It  (Accountability)

Do you take responsibility for all of your actions?  Careful, we need to be honest and if we are, you will say “no” just like I did.

To be a compassionate and committed person, this one is very important.

Shelby was my rescued Pitbull.  She was abused, abandoned on a cold winter’s night tied to a fence and left without any food or water.   Shelby was very compassionate and loving.   As a therapy dog, she took those attributes and shared them with every person she met.  She didn’t let her past be an excuse to not serve others.  You can read more about Shelby’s story in my books, “Shelby’s Grace” and “God, Shelby and Me”.

Daniel the Beagle survived the gas chamber.  He greeted everyone he met with love and an energetic wag of his tail and it was contagious!  His attitude was one of gratitude every day for his life.  Daniel’s incredible story of survival can be read in my book “A Conversation with Daniel”.

No matter what happens in our life, no excuses, make good out of it.  When we know what it feels like to not receive compassion, offer it to others and you will feel better.

When it comes to what happens in our life, take responsibility for it and leave some of it behind while taking the parts that will make you more compassionate and committed in your life.


  • Excuses are wasted breath and energy.
  • A positive attitude wins every day.

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