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Our Mission Together

Session 2

Yes, you are a leader

Over the years I have learned that everyone is a leader at some point in their life, whether they know it or not!  Long ago, a wise person once told me that at any given time in life, people will watch you and look at the example you are setting. This is true for all of us.

How about if we take our leadership role seriously since we could be impacting more people and situations than we realize?

We can start by taking in a great quote from my mentor, John Maxwell. “People will not care how much you know, until they find out how much you care”.

I wish I lived by this quote more than I did during my years as a leader. I think I did well, but there were some things I could have done differently and the results would have shown.

Really caring about doing the right thing shows that you live with a sense of compassion and you do not just talk about it.

I urge you to digest this all-important quote and show that you care about doing what is right every day. Those that follow you will have value added to their life.

Let’s see how geese can help us here. Yes, the geese that people try to remove from golf courses and parks.

The most obvious place to start is how geese are treated. We have all seen the way they are forced out of their habitats. Some measures are more extreme than others. What is important to know is that in spite of this they stay stoic and strong.

Staying strong under pressure is a critical attribute of a leader and you might as well start now with small challenges in your day to day life.

Geese also fly in a V formation so that they take on the wind for each other. Those in the back will shift to the front to take the pressure off those that are incurring the wind.  If a goose gets injured, another will stay with him until he is ready to join back in the formation.

There are many leadership skills we can learn from these birds!


  • Remain calm and strong during everyday challenges so that you are ready for the bigger issues.
  • Show with your daily actions that you care about doing the right thing.

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