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Session 3

What did you say?

One of my favorite John Maxwell books is, “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”.

What a true statement!  There is a huge difference between communicating and connecting, especially in a world where we text instead of talking and call instead of sitting down to talk face to face. Connecting with others is more of a challenge.  Yes, the messages get received but the compassion and commitment can get lost.

To make a true connection with someone takes focus. For the last 35 years I have studied martial arts. Many believe that karate is a violent thing to do, but nothing is farther from the truth. One of the many positive aspects of karate is the ability to focus.

Focusing takes practice, and I urge you to work on a good focus in your day to day communications. Take notice of what happens when you see that you are really connecting with the other person.

The animal who can help us in connecting is a chicken.

Chickens are very effective in communicating with each other. Their best quality is that they communicate their feelings to one another. Humans are usually not good at doing this, but if they were, the world would be a more compassionate place!

Chickens will also attempt to listen to a human voice and communicate back. This shows respect by putting aside differences.

Many times, humans have what is known as “hidden agendas” in their communication. Chickens are always 100% sincere in how they communicate.

To be really committed to connecting with others, and not just communicating, it takes a good focus, honesty in how we relate to each other, and of course, practice and evaluation.


  • Recognize in all interactions the difference between communicating and connecting.
  • Honesty and being open in our interactions with others will bring more compassion to the world.

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