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Do you remember how happy you were as a young child? Do you feel that your level of happiness seemed to fade away when you became older, wiser, more successful, and free to enjoy life as an adult?

One answer to this is to redefine happiness by reflecting on the Gospel message, and all the riches it has to offer us in our life right now! After all, “Gospel” means, “good news”.

I will take the daily Gospel in one hand, what is happening in the world in another hand, and juggle it with animal issues when appropriate to create a happiness message to take into your life.

The added benefit to this journey is increased peace and compassion for all creation.

Young girl smiling while spending time with her 2 dogs

Why am I so passionate about this?

In the Fall of 2022 (at 61 years old) I was diagnosed with coronary artery disease. One of my arteries is 99% clogged and cannot be remedied with a stent. After living a pretty clean diet, with very little alcohol and never smoking, in addition to exercising 5 times a week, it was obvious this can happen to anyone! Add in stress and it becomes a huge problem!

It dawned on me that we all have challenges for a variety of reasons. Our happiness has dimmed from when we were children, but I know how we can get it back shining brightly!

This will be my focus going forward, so I respectfully ask for any donation you wish to provide. More than half of what I collect goes to animal welfare causes.


Thank you in advance for your commitment to join me on this journey towards lasting happiness and peace for all creation.


Happiness Redefined

Daily Reflections

Happiness Redefined