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Speaking for All Creation

Become a Compassion Connector

Call it outside the box, or not in your comfort zone.
But at least please give it a try!
My speaking for all creation course is a journey with me, your heartfelt desires to help animals,
and a place of endless possibilities.
You will learn to:

  • Build rapport with those you connect with
  • Broaden the scope of what a presentation can be
  • See the impact and value of non-verbal communication

And much more!
Although this journey is focused on those who want to help animals, there is value for anyone
who would like to explore it further
I welcome you!

Part One

Part Two

Part 3

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Will you consider continuing this journey with me to become a compassionate connector?
If so,

  • More animals will be saved
  • You will live with a more peaceful and stronger mind and heart
Contact Me

This will be my focus going forward, so I respectfully ask for any donation you wish to provide. More than half of what I collect goes to animal welfare causes.


Thank you in advance for your commitment to join me on this journey towards lasting happiness and peace for all creation.